On the Side of God

Jeremy Walker

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On the Side of God: The Life and Labors of Andrew Fuller

Andrew Fuller (1754–1815) was a pastor-theologian, a man who came to his convictions after much wrestling and who held them firmly. His life shows us a man of God who suffered much and served well, while a study of his pastoral theology provides continuing challenge and instruction for any today who would know how to care for the flock of God.


“Andrew Fuller is perhaps best recognised as a theologian and for his friendship with and support of William Carey. However, these labours cannot be divorced from his life and ministry considered more completely, and from his principles and practices as a pastor and a preacher—his primary calling. This service of Christ informed and was expressed in everything else in which he was involved. On the Side of God presents an outline of his life, as well as drawing together some of the convictions recorded, conclusions reached and counsels expressed by Andrew Fuller in the realm of pastoral theology.”

Jeremy Walker


“This is more than a biographical record; Walker has dug deeply into Fuller’s pastoral writings and it becomes evident that Fuller has ministered to his own soul and strengthened his desires to be a faithful servant to Jesus Christ. Andrew Fuller may at first appear an austere character, but the reader soon discovers his heart of gold and deep love for Christ and his gospel.”

Robert W. Oliver


“In this brief work on the life of Andrew Fuller, Jeremy Walker has once again placed a great deal of treasure in a very small box. I cannot decide whether to call this book a biography, a devotional, or an instructional manual on practical ministry. It fits all three categories without a fault. I recommend this work to all without reservation and with the greatest expectation of benefit. It will place the aspiring minister on the right track and remind the seasoned minister of the true character and duty of a faithful steward of Christ.”

Paul David Washer


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