Impassibility Bundle

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Impassibility Bundle

The Impassibility Bundle provided by Broken Wharfe furnishes an ideal resource for coming to terms with God’s Impassibility, a biblical doctrine far too often neglected or misunderstood. A biblical view of God is foundational to a biblical view of humanity, sin and ultimately the glorious salvation provided in Jesus Christ. Explore the depths of this tremendous reality of the character of the living God.


Confessing the Impassible God

edited by Ronald S. Baines, Richard C. Barcellos, James P. Butler, Stefan T. Lindblad, James M. Renihan

God without Passions: A Primer

by Samuel D. Renihan

God without Passions: A Reader

by Samuel D. Renihan


“If God is impassible, does that mean that he is stoic, lifeless, indifferent, apathetic, and incapable of love or compassion? That is, unfortunately, the all-too-common caricature. Actually, impassibility ensures just the opposite: God could not be more alive or more loving than he is eternally . . . Apply this truth to an attribute like love, for example, and it becomes plain why impassibility makes all the difference. If God is impassible, then he does not merely possess love, heislove and he is love ininfinitemeasure. He cannotbecomemore loving than he already is eternally. If he did, then his love would be passible, it would change, perhaps from good to better, which would imply it was not perfect to begin with.

In that light, impassibility ensures that God is love in infinite measure. While the love of a passible God is subject to change and improvement, the love of an impassible God changes not in its infinite perfection. Impassibility guarantees that Gods love could not be more infinite in its loveliness. God does not depend on others to activate and fulfil his love; no, he is love in infinite measure, eternally, immutably, and independently from the created order.” – Matthew Barrett


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