All That Is In God

James E. Dolezal

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All that is in God: Evangelical Theology and the Challenge of Classical Christian Theism

Unknown to many, increasing numbers of conservative evangelicals are denying basic tenets of classical Christian teaching about God, with departures occurring even among those of the Calvinistic persuasion. James E. Dolezal’s All That Is in God provides an exposition of the historic Christian position while engaging with these contemporary deviations. His convincing critique of the newer position he styles “theistic mutualism” is philosophically robust, systematically nuanced, and biblically-based. It demonstrates the need to maintain the traditional viewpoint, particularly on divine simplicity, and spotlights the unfortunate implications for other important Christian doctrines—such as divine eternality and the Trinity—if it were to be abandoned.


“Very few volumes of theology have stirred my profound intrigue as James Dolezal’s All That Is in God. The book describes the heart of classical theology in its brilliant defence of the catholic view of the nature and character of God. It also chronicles the contemporary drift among some evangelical and Reformed scholars away from the orthodox understanding of God’s simplicity and immutability. A must read.”

R.C. Sproul


“All That Is in God is a fine sequel to the author’s God without Parts (2011). The chapters provide an excellent guide to the main contours of classical theism. Dr. Dolezal also sounds a timely warning to those who have been tempted to modify this theism in the interests of what he aptly calls ‘theistic mutualism.’ The result is an excellent, up-to-date reminder of the Christian doctrine of God as understood by the conciliar statements and by the mainstream Reformed confessions.”

Paul Helm


“This is an important book. It deserves close attention from teachers, pastors, and students, indeed, from anyone confronted by the confused mass of misleading theologies put forth today under the guise of new and relevant reconstructions of the evangelical and Reformed faith.”

Richard A. Muller


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