Covenant Theology: From Adam to Christ

Nehemiah Coxe & John Owen

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A reprint of Nehemiah Coxe (Adam-Abraham) and John Owen (Mosaic-New) on the subject of covenant theology.


Nehemiah Coxe’s work on the covenant is an important piece of writing by a significant seventeenth century Particular Baptist theologian. Its republication is long overdue. As a bonus the reader has Coxe himself rescued from obscurity in a well-researched introduction by Dr. James M. Renihan. Since Coxe referred his readers to John Owen’s treatment of the nature and differences between the Old and New Covenants, Owen’s exposition of Hebrews 8:6-13 is included. Both Coxe and Owen have been lightly and sensitively edited with explanatory notes. The essay by Richard C. Barcellos places Owen’s teaching on the covenant firmly within the wider Reformed consensus. The book as a whole has modern practical application. It shows that Reformed Baptists do have a consistent and well argued doctrine of the covenant. It also shows that the seventeenth century Particular Baptist fathers, while emphasising the newness of the new covenant, argued that the Decalogue remains a rule of life for the believer. This work is an important resource for twenty-first century Reformed Baptists.

Robert Oliver


In most of the material that has been reprinted over the last half-century, Covenant Theology has been presented as if it necessarily implied the doctrine and practice of infant baptism. We could fill much space here simply listing the books that have taken this position. Many of us, however, have been unconvinced of this stipulation, believing that it is an unnecessary consequence of theological reasoning. We believe that it is very possible, even requisite, to formulate an exegetically based Covenant Theology that upholds the centrality and continuity of God’s plan of redemption through the ages without falling into the deduction that infant baptism must attend that doctrine. Sadly, there have been few works available that have wrestled with these issues at a profound exegetical and theological level. The books written from a paedobaptist perspective are often dismissive of the credobaptist (i.e., believer’s baptism) point of view, and those defending believer’s baptism have often failed to give sufficient effort to presenting a full-blown covenantal system. The end result is that paedobaptists have seldom, if ever, considered the possibility of a covenantal credobaptist position, and many Baptists are simply ignorant of the centrality of the covenant and its usefulness in defending their own beliefs. This book is an attempt to begin to rectify this deficiency.

James Renihan


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