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July 2022

Upcoming Title!

We are excited to announce that our newest book entitled Preaching as The Primary Means of Grace will soon go to print!

The preaching event is no small matter. Thus, the topic of preaching is afforded attention in this present volume. The nature and function of preaching as the primary means of grace are principally in view. This emphasis upon preaching as the chief means by which God conveys his grace toward sinners, believer or unbeliever, has massive implications upon how we think of preaching in the context of corporate worship. Considering what the Scriptures teach is paramount and confessional Baptists of the past along with the wider reformed heritage greatly aid us in pointing us to God’s ordained means of salvation. This book is a helpful contribution toward understanding one of God’s most significant provisions for his people.

The Broken Wharfe Podcast

As of July 2022 The Broken Wharfe Podcast is now live!

Based in the UK, this new podcast is dedicated to exploring confessional Baptist Christianity.

Episode 1

Episode 2

Latest Book Review

Evangelical Times has recently published a review of our latest title Under God, Over the People.


Under God, Over the People is of immense value to anyone unsure of the relationship between civil authorities, with all their anomalies, and Christian faith and practice.

Much of the author’s work is based on the 1689 Baptist Confession of Faith, applied and made relevant to the 21st century. Of course, the principle of the relationship of church and state has not changed. However, where this book excels is…

Each month we highlight a title from the Broken Wharfe Bookshop. In doing this, we hope to increase an appreciation for the rich theological heritage and relevance of Confessional Baptist teaching.

Every Book of the Month will be available at a discounted price!

Covenant Theology: From Adam to Christ is a reprint of two seventeenth century theologians, Nehemiah Coxe (Adam-Abraham) and John Owen (Mosaic-New).

Nehemiah Coxe says “That notion (which is often supposed in this discourse) that the old covenant and the new differ in substance and not only in the manner of their administration, certainly requires a larger and more particular handling… I designed to give a further account of it… But I found my labor for the clearing and asserting of that point happily prevented by the coming out of Dr. Owen’s third volume on Hebrews.”

John Owen said “No man was ever saved but by virtue of the new covenant, and the mediation of Christ in that respect.”

Now Only £14.79!

What do Others have to Say?

"More times than I can count - and personally I find it so frustrating - I have heard Reformed theology defined in such a way that it excludes those who hold to believer's baptism. This valuable work will help set the record straight."
Michael Haykin
"Paedobaptists have seldom, if ever, considered the possibility of a covenantal credobaptist position, and many Baptists are simply ignorant of the centrality of the covenant and its usefulness in defending their own beliefs. This book is an attempt to begin to rectify this deficiency."
James Renihan
"For various reasons, many reformed Baptists of our time have failed to realise that historic Covenant Theology was fully appreciated and theologically deployed in the very best of the Calvinistic Baptist tradition."
Ligon Duncan

IRBS UK Patristics Course

Broken Wharfe was privileged to provide a bookstall for the recent Patristics Course taught by Dr Jason Montgomery from IRBS in Texas.

The week was filled with excellent teaching on the early church by Dr Montgomery. The week even included a ‘school trip’ to see the burial place of John Fawcett, Particular Baptist minister and author of Christ Precious to those who Believe!

We continue to be encouraged by the growing interest in confessional Baptist training and pray that the Lord would continue to prepare gifted men for the ministry.


Interested in International Reformed Baptist Seminary UK?

Parresia Conference 2022

Broken Wharfe is grateful to have been able to provide Confessional Baptist resources at the recent Parresia Conference in Glasgow, Scotland.


Read the following message from Parresia below: 

We give thanks to the Lord for the ministry, fellowship and service at our conference. Also, we will be releasing videos of the talks in due course.