Confessions as Spiritual Tools Part 1

by Jonathan Woodrow Share Article Written confessions of the faith are tools in the school of the Holy Spirit (the church) for aiding and renewing the church’s task of confessing the truth. Confession and formulation of confessional texts are a product of the illuminating work of the Holy Spirit; in turn, confessional texts aid the […]

The Guides We’ve Been Waiting For

Confessing the Faith: Volume 2

Confessing the Faith: Volumes 1 & 2 by Jonathan Woodrow Share Article Click to View in Bookshop Studying a confession is a fascinating and edifying exercise. It involves a bit of time travel. The document was written at a certain point in history for particular purposes. The Second London Confession comes out of the history […]

Clarity & Unity or Distraction & Tribalism?

Clarity & Unity or Distraction & Tribalism? by Jonathan Woodrow Share Article Do Confessions of Faith distract and undermine gospel unity? Does unity based on an extensive Confession elevate what are often called secondary doctrines and practices to the level of the doctrines of first importance? Do they promote doctrinal distortion or distractions from the core gospel? […]

Preaching: A Reflection

Preaching as the Primary Means of Grace

Preaching as the Primary Means of Grace: A Reflection by Jonny Woodrow I have often thought that a book on pastoral ministry along the lines of The Secret Barrister – it would need to be written by an anonymous elder – would sell well. I suspect that a collection of stories on what really goes on throughout […]

The Broken Wharfe Story

 Broken Wharfe is one of the oldest wharves in London located on the river Thames. The Meeting House “Broken Wharfe, according to Stow, is ‘so called of being broken and fallen into the Thames;’ but others have affirmed that it was here old worn-out vessels were broken up.” [Harrison’s Description of England in Shakspeare’s Youth, […]