“Crisis of Confidence” by Carl R. Trueman – Some Thoughts

By John-Mark Allmand-Smith Carl Trueman’s new & revised edition of “The Creedal Imperative” is needed now more than ever. Published under the title “Crisis of Confidence”, he shows why the forces against the use of creeds and confessions have only grown in recent times. In 2012, there would have been few readers of “The Creedal Imperative” […]

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Thank You For Taking Part in Our UK Pledge! We’re Sending Books to APC’s Through our Christmas pledge we are sending copies of “Christian Basics” to “African Pastor’s Conferences” – an organisation that gives Pastors evangelical teaching throughout Africa. The books will be given to Pastors free of charge. We’re Translating Books Through our Christmas […]

Are Confessions of Faith Useful to the Church? Here are Five Reasons Why They Are…

Steve Meister, a pastor who adheres to the Second London Confession of Faith (2LCF), outlines five practical applications of confessions in church life. These include guiding biblical interpretation, aiding ministry, training leaders, congregational accountability, and assessing membership candidates. He emphasizes that confessions should complement, not contradict, a deep understanding and love for God’s Word, thus enhancing spiritual life within the congregation.

Born Of God, Born Of A Woman

By Oliver Allmand-Smith The Lord Jesus Christ was born of God and born of a woman; truly divine and truly human. That the Scripture reveals this to us is beyond dispute, but why is it so important that he is both born of God and born of a woman? What does it mean and what […]

Understanding Wickedness

By Oliver Allmand-Smith Can you make sense of the hate-fuelled conflict and destruction of life we are currently witnessing? Do you understand it? The world today has no answer to these evils, no way of understanding them, and no explanation for them.  Western cultures insist all humanity is essentially good; but if that is the […]