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August 2022

Gone to Print!

We are excited to announce that our newest book entitled Preaching as The Primary Means of Grace will soon be available!

More about the Book

Placing the topic of preaching in the context of the gathered body of confessing believers, Julius embarks on a whole-counsel-of-God-approach without exhausting the reader with too much information. In other words, this book is easily digestible. It reads as one who sits next to you in the pew, yet by one whom the church has called to fill the pulpit. Thus, he is well acquainted with both sides of the preaching event while maintaining a spirit of learning.

Drawing upon church history and other reformed communities, the author illustrates the confessionally orthodox unity among Christians, especially those who stand within the stream of the Reformation. Approaching his subject in this manner, the author reveals, by implication, how modern evangelicals have drifted from their once healthy view of preaching and have substituted it for an idea of preaching more appropriated to the ultra-individualism with which society has infected the church. This drift is no different for the nebulous reformed-evangelical community who have become unanchored from their historic confessional moorings.

New Episode Now Available!

In this episode, the guys discuss one primary way that Christians are to respond to his revelation by confessing to believe what he has revealed. They explore how confessing the faith is not foreign to the Scripture and is a biblical and historical instinct of God’s people. Do we have biblical examples? What about the early church? Jonny and John-Mark walk us through these various details.

Episode Chapter Markers

0:00 – Introduction

3:14 – The Biblical Foundation

14:34 – PROMO – IRBS UK Baptist Symbolics Course

16:27 – Early Church Examples

Episode 5

Interview with Seminary Podcast

In August, our general manager was interviewed by the Man of God Network, part of Covenant Baptist Theological Seminary in Owensboro, Kentucky, USA.

During the interview the men discussed a number of topics including the Confessional Baptist context in the UK, Broken Wharfe’s endeavours and more!

Each month we highlight a title from the Broken Wharfe Bookshop. In doing this, we hope to increase an appreciation for the rich theological heritage and relevance of Confessional Baptist teaching.

Every Book of the Month will be available at a discounted price!

Unknown to many, increasing numbers of conservative evangelicals are denying basic tenets of classical Christian teaching about God, with departures occurring even among those of the Calvinistic persuasion. James E. Dolezal’s All That Is in God provides an exposition of the historic Christian position while engaging with these contemporary deviations. His convincing critique of the newer position he styles “theistic mutualism” is philosophically robust, systematically nuanced, and biblically-based. It demonstrates the need to maintain the traditional viewpoint, particularly on divine simplicity, and spotlights the unfortunate implications for other important Christian doctrines—such as divine eternality and the Trinity—if it were to be abandoned.

Now Only £7.59!

What do Others have to Say?

“Very few volumes of theology have stirred my profound intrigue as James Dolezal’s All That Is in God. The book describes the heart of classical theology in its brilliant defence of the catholic view of the nature and character of God. It also chronicles the contemporary drift among some evangelical and Reformed scholars away from the orthodox understanding of God’s simplicity and immutability. A must read.”
R. C. Sproul
"This is an important book. It deserves close attention from teachers, pastors, and students, indeed, from anyone confronted by the confused mass of misleading theologies put forth today under the guise of new and relevant reconstructions of the evangelical and Reformed faith."
Richard A. Muller
"All That Is in God is a fine sequel to the author’s God without Parts (2011). The chapters provide an excellent guide to the main contours of classical theism. Dr. Dolezal also sounds a timely warning to those who have been tempted to modify this theism in the interests of what he aptly calls ‘theistic mutualism.’ The result is an excellent, up-to-date reminder of the Christian doctrine of God as understood by the conciliar statements and by the mainstream Reformed confessions."
Paul Helm

Upcoming IRBS UK Course

Once again, Broken Wharfe is privileged to provide a bookstall for the upcoming IRBS UK Course. 

Dr. Jim Renihan will be at Trinity Grace Church, Ramsbottom to teach a detailed examination of the 2nd London Baptist Confession of Faith 1677/89. The purpose of the course is to understand the Confession in its historical setting and its relevance to the present. IRBS UK will host this course in two parts, October 17th – 21st and January 9th -13th. All are welcome to join the study of the Confession of Faith, and each part can be taken separately. In our faithless age, this course is a great opportunity for churches to continue to know and to stand firm upon “the faith” so that we might all the more confess, proclaim, and pass it down for generations to come.