God Without Passions: God’s Unshakeable Perfection

Samuel D. Renihan

– In the Confessional Perspective Series

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God Without Passions: The Majesty of God's Unshakeable Perfection

“Samuel Renihan’s “God without Passions” provides a clear, cogent, biblical, and pastoral presentation of the truth about our all-sufficient, constantly-faithful God.” Dennis E. Johnson

What is '"God Without Passions" About?

This new and revised edition of Renihan’s widely-acclaimed theological classic deals with something that you may have never even heard of – the doctrine of divine impassibility. “Impassibility” is not a word often used in sermons. Even when people are studying systematic theology, impassibility tends to receive a small amount of attention.

So, what is it? And why is it important? In “God Without Passions” Samuel Renihan wonderfully explores this doctrine and its implications for the Christian life in an accessible way, showing why it is biblical, necessary, and fruitful for God’s people to embrace the doctrine that God cannot be shaken. In studying how God lacks passions, the reader of this book sees the unchangingly faithful and perfect God of the Holy Scriptures as our sure rock and foundation amidst the turmoils of life. Read this book and rejoice in the knowledge of our unchanging God.

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About the 'Confessional Perspective' Series

The Confessional Perspective series is dedicated to doing theology for all in the church. The books within will explore the doctrines of the Christian faith from a confessional and pastoral perspective, and their aim is to provide readers with rich yet accessible content that introduces them to confessional theology. This series is committed to the Second London Baptist Confession, its contemporary application and the recovery of sound doctrine in our day for Christ’s church around the world.

We pray that you will be blessed by the truths of God’s word found within these rich resources!

About the Author

Samuel D. Renihan, PhD, is Adjunct Professor of Theology at International Reformed Baptist Seminary (IRBS). He is Pastor at Trinity Reformed Baptist Church in La Mirada, California. He is married to Kimberly and they have one child, and he has written several books on theology, such as The Mystery of Christ and Deity and Decree. Sam writes “This short book is designed to give a simple, clear, and practical presentation of the doctrine of divine impassibility for everyone from the pulpit to the pew. In fact, this material was originally presented to Trinity Reformed Baptist Church where I am pastor… May God use this book to enrich your understanding of him… and to increase your appreciation of the truths the church has confessed throughout history.”

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God Without Passions, Samuel Renihan

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