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October 2022

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Each month we highlight a title from the Broken Wharfe Bookshop. In doing this, we hope to increase an appreciation for the rich theological heritage and relevance of Confessional Baptist teaching.

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Many are content to be Calvinists who merely happen to baptise believers only. This contentment will not do. We must seek theological precision, not as an attack against our Presbyterian brethren, but as a clear expression of what we believe and practice, and why. Understanding our differences, in pursuit of theological clarity, leads to spiritual health and strength as well as mutual acknowledgement and brotherhood. Our differences need not divide us. Rather, recognising differences among evangelicals is one sure method of recovering lost ground as churches in our culture.

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“This book by Pascal Denault is a welcome addition to the literature on an issue that has vexed many for too long. It is clear that the seventeenth-century Particular Baptists’ formulation of covenant theology in the Second London Confession of Faith was a modified version of the one contained in the Westminster Confession of Faith. But why the different formulation? Denault’s work goes ad fontes (to the sources) to find the answer.”
Richard C. Barcellos
“Pascal Denault deserves many thanks for his labor in researching and describing the nuances of English covenant theology in the Seventeenth Century. He has uncovered significant factors contributing to the differences between Presbyterian and Particular Baptist thought and practice, describing theological categories in easily accessible terms.”
James M. Renihan
“This new study by Pascal Denault is most helpful in providing an accurate summary of the historic discussion between the Baptists and their fellow Puritans, and then showing the way this discussion bears on the contemporary treatment of a vital issue.”
Michael A.G. Haykin

UK Association Discussion Meeting

We were privileged to provide a bookstall for the recent UK Confessional Baptist Association Meeting.

The discussion meeting began with a wonderful exhortation by Peter Petra, pastor of North Church Leicester. He encouraged ministers of the gospel from 1 Corinthians 15:58, “Therefore, my beloved brothers, be steadfast, immovable, always abounding in the work of the Lord, knowing that in the Lord your labour is not in vain.” In light of the resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ, God’s people can and ought to remain steadfast in our life and doctrine. Ministers ought to press on in the work he has called them to, knowing that their work has eternal significance in Christ. Pete also applied this to the work of building an association as the outworking biblical and confessional ecclesiology.

It was such a joy to hear from the churches about both the spiritual growth in their congregations, as well as their present difficulties, so that the churches might be able both to rejoice with and care for them. This led to a time of prayer seeking the Lord on behalf of the churches. It was a sweet time of communion with God, zealously seeking this will for the churches.

The second half of the day consisted in deliberating on the draft constitution. The draft constitution was finalised by the messengers and now can be taken back to the particular churches for consideration, review and approval. Besides editing the document, they discussed various procedures on how to best care for members of the congregations. They sought to work out the principles of 26.15 of the confession and to make sure that the procedures for handling doctrinal and administrative issues among churches or members, was thoroughly biblical and confessional.

IRBS UK Symbolics Course

It was a joy to provide another bookstall for Part 1 of the IRBS UK Symbolics Course.

Dr Jim Renihan did an excellent job teaching students about the Second London Baptist Confession of Faith. It was thrilling that several joined from Poland, the Netherlands and the UK. Please pray for God’s continued blessing from study week.

God's Glory Our Joy Conference

We were privileged to provide a bookstall for the recent UK Confessional Baptist Association Meeting.

On Saturday October 8th, we were able to provide the bookstall for the God’s Glory our Joy conference in Warrington, UK. The theme for this year was “Glorifying God in Perilous Times”.

Stephen Rees, Oliver Allmand-Smith and Billy McCurrie spoke at the conference. During the day the churches were encouraged to honour God in the light of our current circumstances and the ungodly ways of our government. We pray that we will be given wisdom from above and courage to stand firm in God’s truth.