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May 2022

Under God, Over the People

The Calling & Accountability of the Civil Government

A Confessional Perspective

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The Theology on the Go Podcast hosted by Jonathan Master and James Dolezal interviewed Oliver Allmand-Smith on to discuss his upcoming book, Under God, Over the People

Each month we highlight a title from the Broken Wharfe Bookshop. In doing this, we hope to increase an appreciation for the rich theological heritage and relevance of Confessional Baptist teaching.

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The Mystery of Christ, his covenant and his kingdom carefully balances both the scope and simplicity of the biblical covenants as revealed in Scripture. It takes the reader on a “clear tour through the various covenants by which God has related to humanity” by presenting “a cohesive map of the covenants of Scripture”. In this UK Revised edition the author clarifies his presentation at certain points further strengthening, without changing, the substance of the argument.

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What do Others have to Say?

“Given the vast scope of the subject in hand, Renihan does a masterful job of giving us a clear tour through the various covenants by which God has related to humanity. The result is not only a richer appreciation of who Christ is, the unity of God’s purposes and how the gospel is the fulfilment of the plan of redemption; it is also a deeper understanding of the church, baptism, and the scriptures, and a deeper longing to worship the triune God who brought his sovereign plan to pass for his own glory.”
Nick Pollock
“The Mystery of Christ is well-written, displays ample knowledge of issues discussed concerning covenant theology by Baptists and paedobaptists, grounds its arguments in scriptural exegesis and theology, recovers old arguments for a new day, presents a cohesive map of the covenants of Scripture, and exalts our Lord Jesus Christ, the last Adam, throughout.”
Richard C. Barcellos
“One of the most useful things Renihan does, which readers across the Reformed spectrum should appreciate, is keep covenant and kingdom together. Not as independent themes, but as themes that absolutely depend on one another. While I am in no position to say how confessional Reformed Baptists should regard Renihan’s work, I know that I, as a Presbyterian theologian, will from now on look to his book as a prime resource for Reformed Baptist covenant theology.”
David Van Drunnen

Day of Teaching with James Renihan

We were privileged to provide a bookstall for Christ Church Loughborough at their recent teaching day on the doctrine of Justification. James Renihan spent the day teaching the historical and theological context of this precious doctrine of our common faith.

IRBSUK – Preaching the Psalms

Another IRBSUK Study Day was held in Greater Manchester. Once again, James Renihan ministered among UK churches teaching on the topic Preaching the Psalms to a Christian Congregation. It was very encouraging to see many men from various churches around the UK gather for these meetings. We continue to pray the Lord would continue to build his church in the homeland of our confession of faith.

Grace Baptist Assembly 2022

The Grace Baptists kindly asked us to provide the bookstall for this years assembly. Though not an association of confessional Baptist churches, many of the churches represented hold to the 1689 Confession of Faith. This assembly has been meeting for several years and continues to be a happy meeting place for many reformed and baptist churches in the UK.

It was encouraging to hear several people express thanks for making confessional Baptist books available in the UK which have previously been hard to obtain. It is a joy to be able to continue building upon the previous efforts of reformed Baptists in the UK such as Erroll Hulse, David Kingdon, Robert Oliver and others. We continue to rest in Christ amid these challenging days.