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The Mystery of Christ, his Covenant & his Kingdom
(Finnish Translation)

A Partnership is Formed

In the spring of 2022, an encouraging relationship was forged between two dedicated pastors, Mikko Sivonen and Eelis Halmemies, hailing from the serene landscapes of Jyväskylä Reformed Baptist Church in Finland and Broken Wharfe. Their shared mission: to bring Samuel Renihan’s profound work, “The Mystery of Christ, his Covenant & his Kingdom,” to the Finnish-speaking world.

Broken Wharfe, driven by a desire to spread the influence of confessional Baptist Christianity throughout Europe, eagerly embraced the opportunity to lend their support in any way possible. The reasons behind this ambitious translation endeavour are two-fold, each carrying profound significance.

The Need

Firstly, a conspicuous absence loomed in the Finnish literary landscape—a void yearning to be filled by a comprehensive exploration of the biblical covenants. Samuel’s enlightening book not only caters to the needs of the growing reformed (Baptist) churches and their budding congregations but also extends its embrace to a broader Christian audience in Finland, hungry for this invaluable theology.

Secondly, Agricola Theological Seminary, an esteemed institution nestled in the heart of Helsinki, Finland, recognised the exceptional worth of Renihan’s book.

They have already incorporated it as a vital component of their esteemed Biblical Theology module, and the seminary envisions its continued use in future courses, particularly those delivered in Finnish. This endorsement from such a prestigious institution confirms the significance and impact of Renihan’s book on the theological landscape.

By supporting the translation of Renihan’s work into Finnish, we not only bridge the gap in solid theological literature but also empower the Church in Finland on multiple fronts.

Not only will it enhance theological training, nurturing the minds of theological students, but it will also play a pivotal role in the development of churches across the country.

Join Us

Now, at this pivotal stage of the project, the realisation of this vision beckons. We humbly implore you to consider joining us in this extraordinary endeavour. By contributing to this project, you will help transform the theological landscape of Finland, enabling individuals and churches to deepen their theological understanding of the eternal truths and fostering the growth of a vibrant and enlightened Christian community.

Together, let us join and give rise to a monumental achievement—the birth of a much-needed translated theological work that will resonate throughout Finland, leaving its mark on future generations.


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