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January 2022

Carey Conference 2022

We are thankful to the Christian Bookshop in Dunstable for their tremendous help in running the bookstall for the Carey Conference 2022. Broken Wharfe was able to provide several books for the bookstall and we were encouraged to see much interest in confessional Baptist material. The topic for this year was Covenant. Sam Renihan gave a series of clear and powerful lectures on Baptist covenant theology and its implications for church life among those who confess the 2nd London Confession. The speaker emphasised the rich depths of the theme of covenant theology both biblically and historically. The highlight was in the third talk when Sam proceeded to demonstrate how our churches do not need us, but Christ as ministered via the New Covenant. His application to both ministers and their wives displayed that these matters are not theoretical, but profoundly practical. He exhibited how liberating it is for ministers to rest in the sufficiency of Christ, the covenant head of his church. We pray that more of our confessional heritage will be explored for years to come.

Broken Wharfe featured on The Baptist Broadcast

We are thankful to Oliver Allmand-Smith for his willingness to be interviewed by The Baptist Broadcast about Broken Wharfe. The Baptist Broadcast is a podcast hosted by Josh Sommer a pastor in the mid-west of the United States. Click the video below to watch the interview.

Bookstall at Trinity Grace Conference

Broken Wharfe was privileged to provide a bookstall for the Trinity Grace Winter Conference. The conference is for believers aged 16-30 and seeks to aid those who are able to come and “who are serious about growing in their spiritual lives.” Ali Mclachlan, Tony Flanders, Mike Judge and Brett Shaw spoke regarding several cultural poisons of the day and their biblical antidotes. Especially of note was the clear emphasis on the importance of the local church and confessional Christianity as summarised by the 2nd London Confession. We give thanks for the efforts of the organisers and ministers who are seeking to equip a younger generation living in the UK, a culture increasingly hostile to the gospel of Christ.

Broken Wharfe at Institute of Reformed Baptist Studies UK (IRBS UK)

Finally, we were pleased to provide a bookstall for the IRBS UK Study Days with Sam Renihan. These five days of intensive sessions were held in partnership with IRBS Seminary in Mansfield, Texas. As IRBS UK begins to gather momentum, we are privileged to be able to provide books for students and ministers which have been previously more difficult to obtain.

The Mystery of Christ

January 2022 saw the launch of the Revised Edition of The Mystery of Christ, his covenant & his kingdom published by Broken Wharfe.

In this UK Revised edition the author clarifies his presentation at certain points further strengthening, without changing, the substance of the argument. This book carefully balances both the scope and simplicity of the biblical covenants as revealed in Scripture. It takes the reader on a “clear tour through the various covenants by which God has related to humanity” by presenting “a cohesive map of the covenants of Scripture”.

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June 2023

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