A Training Tool in Theology for the Church

A Training Tool in Theology for the Church One of the common objections to a church having an extensive confession of faith is that the practice of arranging the truths of the Bible into a system is alien to the way the Bible presents the truth. The Bible is not a textbook of facts about […]

Systematic Theology & Confessing the Faith

Systematic Theology & Confessing the Faith When you last shared the gospel with a non-Christian friend, did you read plain Scripture to them, or did you summarise the key elements of the faith? When you last spoke words of encouragement to a struggling Christian brother or sister, if you read some scripture, how did you […]

Systematic Theology & Godliness

Systematic Theology & Godliness In our first three reflections on systematic theology, we saw how “theology” refers to the study of God and all things in relation to God – including faith and obedience – in a Christ-focused way. Its two foundations are God himself and Scripture. The word “systematic” refers to rightly ordering the […]

The Focus of Theology

The Focus of Theology In our first two reflections on systematic theology, we considered what the word ‘theology’ means and how the two-fold ground of theology (God and his Word) provides the proper context within which to understand the theologian’s work. This month we will reflect on the subject matter of theology. What is the […]

The Twofold Ground of Theology

The Twofold Ground of Theology This week we continue our back to basics reflections on systematic theology. In our last post, we considered the word theology. We concluded with Turretin that it refers to the word of God or words concerning God. Turretin shows that theology must therefore rest on a twofold foundation: God and […]

What is Systematic Theology?

What is Systematic Theology? I teach an introduction to systematic theology class as part of a part-time bible handling course alongside pastoring a church. The folks who attend the course come from various backgrounds; some have pastoral and teaching responsibilities in their churches, while others simply want to learn to read and apply God’s word […]