Eight Questions of Conscience

Eight Questions of Conscience Prolouge by Broken Wharfe Benjamin Keach exposes an all-too-common occurrence among professing Christians in the following sketch of the conversation between True Godliness and Conscience. One of the strengths of puritan theology was applying biblical truth to the various expressions of a lost condition found among professing Christians. One also finds […]

Legalist, Morality and Justification by Faith

Legalist, Morality & Justification by Faith In his travels to see where he can get a welcome, Benjamin Keach has True Godliness arriving at the house of Legalist. Legalist says that he already has a man called True Godliness in his home. The dialogue continues: Godliness: ĎSir, it is certainly a mistake; you have been greatly […]

Old-Age, Peevishness and Hard-Heart

Old-Age, Peevishness & Hard-Heartedness In ‘The Travels of True Godliness‘, Keach depicts his hero as seeking where he can gain admittance. Sometimes he is found talking to those on whose door he knocks at some length. When he reaches ‘Old-Age’, the discourse is shorter because of his hardened heart. ‘Godliness, being now rejected by Riches, […]

Poverty, Wasteful and Carping-Care

Poverty, Wasteful and Carping-Care Ironically (or maybe not so ironically), poverty and wastefulness will always characterise this world until the consummation of all things in Christ. Unsurprisingly, the cares of this world will inevitably consume those overtaken by these two evils, and only the Gospel of Jesus Christ resulting in true godliness can deliver us. […]

Riches, Self-Love and Sir Worldly-Wisdom

Travels of True Godliness

Riches, Self-Love and Sir Worldy-Wisdom If I called you a liberal, would you take it as an insult? This question is not about your politics but Christianity. In his classic ‘Christianity and Liberalism’, J. Gresham Machen proved that the two words represent two different religions, which merely use some of the same terminologies to mean different […]