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April 2022

Under God, Over the People

The Calling & Accountability of the Civil Government

A Confessional Perspective

We are excited to announce that this new title is now in production and will be available through both UK and US distributors.

April Podcast Interviews

This month pastor and author Oliver Allmand-Smith was busy discussing several topics and answering questions about his new book as a guest on several podcasts. Three of these interviews were aired this month.

When Gathering for Worship is a Criminal Offence

This month pastor and author Oliver Allmand-Smith was interviewed by Bridge Ministries Podcast about his new book, Under God, Over the People. In this episode, the host, Abe Virella, discusses with Oliver how the church responded to the lockdowns in the UK when gathering for worship was considered a criminal offence.

BRIDGE Ministries is committed to biblical, historic, orthodox Christianity which always looks to God’s Word as the final source of truth for faith and practice. Theological head knowledge is not an end in itself, our goal in learning is to apply God’s Word to all of life so that it impacts head, heart and hands.

Church History and a Confessional View of State

Interview with Church History Matters

In this recent episode, the hosts discuss with Oliver how he was converted to Christ, the importance of knowing church history and the historical Baptist view of the State.

The Church History Matters Podcast is hosted by Joseph Knowles and Rueben Rosalez. Through interviews, biographical sketches, and topical episodes, they hope to equip the church for tomorrow by studying the church of yesterday.

Serious & Humble Baptist Confessionalism

Interview with The Shepherd’s Crook

In this recent episode, host Jared Sparks discusses with Oliver Allmand-Smith about the nuances between UK and US governments while demonstrating how a serious and humble reformed baptist confessionalism applies to a very relevant issue.

The Shepherd’s Crook is a ministry of pastor Jared Sparks seeking to come alongside other pastors as they follow the Chief Shepherd.

Each month we highlight a title from the Broken Wharfe Bookshop. In doing this, we hope to increase an appreciation for the rich theological heritage and relevance of Confessional Baptist teaching.

Every Book of the Month will be available at a discounted price!

“Keach clearly stood within the ranks of Puritan orthodoxy. His theology bears all the hallmarks of Reformation theology. He staunchly defended justification by faith, and made a significant contribution to the heated Neonomian debate in the 1690s. He published The Marrow of True Justification in 1692.” 

Austin Walker

What do Others have to Say?

“There has been, and always will be, only one way of salvation for sinners who believe and that is by Christ’s righteousness imputed. It is amazing that attacks on imputed righteousness continue even in our 21st century. Here in Keach we have a sterling example of how to defend this vital truth by thorough exposition. What an excellent example for us all today!”
Erroll Hulse
“This is one of the best works ever written on the subject of Justification. Here, the central theme of the Christian gospel and the sure ground of the believer’s hope is expounded with profound Scriptural clarity.”
Joel Beeke
“The publication of Benjamin Keach’s ‘The Marrow of True Justification’ is a timely and welcome addition to the growing body of literature from 17th Century Particular Baptist authors... I pray that this work will be read far and wide and strengthen our resolve to preach Christ and his gospel in purity and simplicity."
James Renihan

Broken Wharfe at UK Banner of Truth Minister's Conference

We are grateful to Banner of Truth for providing us with an opportunity to exhibit Broken Wharfe Confessional Baptist Resources and promote International Reformed Baptist Seminary UK at their Minister’s Conference.

This year’s conference was hosted at Yarnfield Park in Staffordshire. The theme was Communion with God. Conrad Mbewe took the main meetings while other meetings were taken by David Cambell, Jeff Kingswood, Robert Strivens, Andy Hambleton, Robert McCollum Jr. and Meirion Thomas.

One highlight was a small group meeting of ministers with Conrad Mbewe. He spoke about the importance of the 2nd London Baptist Confession in his labours in Africa. In his efforts to promote serious reformed theology among the people, he spoke about how he and others turned to the 1689 Confession in their work to build confessional churches.

The growing interest in confessional Baptist theology and churches among ministers who attended was very tangible. We had numerous encouraging conversations with ministers who are beginning to realise the spiritual and moral responsibility reformed men have to lead churches in confessing together their faith.

We were privileged to be able to give out free resources and promote IRBSUK to help support such a vital need in the UK and Europe.

As always, we continue to pray that the Lord would be pleased to use our meagre efforts to help encourage a biblically vibrant confessional Christianity in the UK and abroad.