The Backslider (US)

Andrew Fuller


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The Backslider: His Nature, Symptoms and Recovery


“Andrew Fuller was, in my opinion, one of the greatest theologians, which modern times, or any times have produced, and his writings are an almost inexhaustible mine of doctrinal, practical, and experimental truth, which every christian and especially every minister, would do well to explore. No man better understood the bible, or the human heart both in its unre- newed and its regenerate state. Among all his various practical treatises, there are few, if any, of greater value than that on backsliding. Like a most skilful physician, he explains, with singular ability, the nature of the disease, lays down the symptoms of it, and prescribes the method of recovery. . .This little work may be read by all professors with great advantage, if perused in a spirit of prayer and holy jealousy. I am well pleased that it is republished in a separate form ; most cordially recommend it, and shall be happy to know it has obtained a wide circulation.”

from the Introduction to The Backslider by John Angell James


“…an invaluable piece of practical divinity.”

John Ryland


“I found this book on the subject of backsliding to be very helpful. Having seen some folks become backsliders it was an honest account of them but it is helpful also in encouraging watchfulness so that I myself do not backslide. The author writes with a balanced and I would argue biblical point of view. He holds to the sovereignty of God as taught in Calvinism namely the perseverance of the saints, but does not neglect the teachings on backsliding showing how it may show that one was never a Christians but also that a true Christians will come to repentance. Fuller says, ‘Backsliding, it is true, always supposes a profession of the true religion; but it does not necessarily suppose the existence of the thing professed.'”

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