Recovering our Confessional Heritage Bundle

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Recovering our Confessional Heritage Bundle

The Recovering our Confessional Heritage Bundle provided by Broken Wharfe masterfully brings together biblical, systematic and historical theology in bitesize form. Various contributors to the series assist readers by reclaiming the lost ground of Confessional Baptist theology. Each book is packed with rich biblical treasures made accessible in an easy-to-read format.


Associational Churchmanship

by James M. Renihan

The Covenant of Works

by Richard C. Barcellos

A Toolkit for Confessions

by James M. Renihan

Milk for Little Ones

by Ryan C. Hodson


“The purpose of the series . . . is to address issues related to the Second London Confession of Faith of 1677/89 (2LCF). . . . The series will include treatments of various subjects by multiple authors. The subjects to be covered are those the series editors (along with consultants) determine to be of particular interest in our day. The authors will be those who display ample ability to address the issue under discussion. Some of the installments will be more involved than others due to the nature of the subject addressed and perceived current needs. Many of the contributions will cover foundational aspects of the self-consistent theological system expressed in the Confession. Others will address difficult, often misunderstood, or even denied facets of the doctrinal formulations of the 2LCF. Each installment will have a ‘For Further Reading’ bibliography at the end to encourage further study on the issue discussed. It is hoped that, by the blessing of God, these brief books will produce a better understanding of the faith which was once for all delivered to the saints (Jude 3, NKJV) as well as a clearer and more robust understanding of what it means to confess the 2LCF in the twenty-first century.”

James M. Renihan and Richard C. Barcellos


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