Planted by the Providence of God (US)

Keith Underhill

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Planted by the Providence of God is a story about God’s use of a mere man to providentially plant His churches throughout the nation of Kenya. On the one hand, it is an honest account written from the perspective of the servant, Keith Underhill, under the guidance of his Lord and master, Jesus Christ, but on the other, it is a handbook on how to engage in biblical church planting and missions work.

“This book is both a missionary autobiography and a manual for biblical church planting. I heartily commend it to all who are committed to seeing the churches of the Lord Jesus established and built up in readiness for his return in glory.”

Oliver Allmand-Smith, from the ‘Foreword’

About the Book

This book is a missionary autobiography spanning the life and efforts of Keith Underhill in church planting, according to the providence of God, in the land of Kenya. Though written in the first person, it contains 22 Biblical Foundations for church planting and missionary work which will undoubtedly equip any servant of Christ to better fulfil their ministry whether that be at home or abroad.


Keith Underhill was a church planter in Kenya from 1975 to 2015 having been sent out by Alfred’s Place Baptist Church in Aberystwyth, Wales. After initially teaching in Miathene Secondary School in Kenya from 1968-70, he went on to study at Westminster Theological Seminary in Philadelphia from 1971-1974. He and his family eventually moved back to Kenya to assist a church in Thika before planting Trinity Baptist Church, Nairobi in 1978, remaining there until 2015. Keith is married to Priscilla and they have three children and five grandchildren. Keith and Priscilla now live in Liverpool, UK.



Phase One: Preparation (to 1977)

The Great Commission; The Local Church; Preparation for Mission; The Missionary and Marriage; The Establishing of Local Churches


Phase Two: Church Planting (1977-1989)

Church Planting; The Local Church; The Missionary and the Local Church; Elders; The Fourth Commandment; Refugees; Perseverance; What to Expect in Church Planting


Phase 3: Church Consolidation (1989-2006)

The Regulative Principle; Church Discipline; Church Membership; Tithes and Offerings; The Providence of God in Missions; Unreached Peoples; Independency of the Local Church; Association of Churches; Centrality of Preaching


Phase 4: Church Maturing (2006-2015)

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Planted by the Providence of God

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