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Samuel D. Renihan

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From Shadow to Substance: The Federal Theology of the English Particular Baptists (1642-1704)


“From Shadow to Substance helpfully shows the step-by-step progression of particular baptist thought across numerous different works. It sets the proper context for particular baptist federalism [i.e. covenant theology] by charting the development of two different streams of covenant theology within the broader reformed tradition in the 16th and 17th centuries. . .What it denies is the idea that the Old and New Covenants were the same covenant (the majority opinion of the time, and the foundation of paedobaptism – expressed in the Westminster Confession). Renihan helpfully shows how the baptists built upon this minority strain of covenant theology and typology articulated by John Cameron (1608) and others.”

Brandon Adams


“Samuel Renihan’s book presents a mature study in Historical Theology, describing the federal theology of the English Particular Baptists within the years 1642-1704. The research offers a full engagement with the (primary) sources. He proves that other investigations generally failed to give a full account of its progression and diversity. The views of the English Particular Baptists are critically compared to the larger streams of covenantal thought in which they lived. This volume provides a fine piece of critical investigation into a complex field of historical theology.”

Henk Bakker


“Without a doubt, one of the most significant theological issues for a Christian community is the nature of the relationship between the old and new covenants, or between the Law and the Gospel. And it is not a merely theoretical issue but one that shapes the ethos and determines the ambiance of the community. With regard to Baptists, the rediscovery of Reformed theology in the past fifty years has led to a profound soul-searching about this question from both a theological perspective and an historical one. This new historical study by Dr. Renihan is the most careful and detailed examination of the seventeenth-century English Baptist answer to this question to date, and merits profound consideration by any desiring to engage in ressourcement. A tremendous historical study and a welcome addition to the growing body of literature about seventeenth-century Baptist life.”

Michael Haykin

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