Faith and Life for Baptists (US)

James M. Renihan

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Faith and Life for Baptists: The Documents of the London Particular Baptist General Assemblies, 1689-1694

The documents transcribed here record the process of early Particular Baptist associationalism. Each General Assembly published a Narrative of its acts, and several supporting documents were also released. The 1677 Confession of Faith (2LCF) was promoted, a defence of the necessity of financial support for pastors printed, a Catechism authorised, and other subordinate but important papers ordered. All of these documents are incorporated here, so far as is known some of them for the first time in print since the seventeenth century.

Faith and Life for Baptists is a helpful resource for understanding the development of reformed Christianity in general and British Christianity in particular. This book aids the reader to grasp the historical context of Confessional Baptists.


“Once again Professor Renihan has put historians and indeed all Confessional Baptists in his debt. He has produced for the first time a collection of documents illustrating the background to the Second London Confession of Faith and the events leading to and surrounding the early General Assemblies of Particular Baptists. . .this collection is one to be treasured and consulted.”

Robert W. Oliver


“After the Second London Confession of Faith, no documents were more important for the early Particular Baptists than the record of the General Assemblies of their English and Welsh churches. . .This new edition of these records is among the most important resources on Baptist history that has ever been published.”

Crawford Gribben


“The documents provided in this collection are pivotal and vital for a proper understanding of Baptist self-consciousness at the beginning of the modern Baptist movement. . .Every Baptist historian, theologian and serious church member will benefit from paying careful attention to this treasure of primary source material.”

Tom J. Nettles

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