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A Confessional Baptist Devotional Bundle

Discover the depths of piety reflected in the lives and teaching of Confessional Baptist saints of the past. The Devotional Bundle provides a window into the heart of practical Christianity. Together this selection of titles reflect the spirituality of Confessional Baptist spirituality by means of teaching, biography and allegory. There is abundant encouragement in this collection of books to aid the Christian in the life of devotion to Christ. In the words of John Owen, “Do you mortify; do you make it your daily work; be always at it whilst you live; cease not a day from this work; be killing sin or it will be killing you.”


The Travels of True Godliness

by Benjamin Keach

“While The Pilgrim’s Progress is the most famous of the Christian journey allegories of the seventeenth century, it is not the only one. Though nearly forgotten today, Benjamin Keach’s ‘The Travels of True Godliness’ was in the eighteenth century nearly as popular as Bunyan’s great work. It is a great blessing to see it back in print. We hope that many will read, enjoy and benefit from it.”

James M. Renihan


A Heart for Missions: Memoir of Samuel Pearce

by Andrew Fuller

“William Ward, who had been profoundly influenced by Pearce’s zeal and spirituality, well summed up his character when he wrote not long before the latter’s death: ‘Oh, how does personal religion shine in Pearce! What a soul! What ardour for the glory of God! ‘you see in him a mind wholly given up to God; a sacred lustre shines in his conversation: always tranquil, always cheerful’ I have seen more of God in him than in any other person I ever met.’ At the heart of Pearce’s spirituality, both lived and taught, was the theological conviction that ‘real religion consists in supreme love to God and disinterested [i.e. impartial] love to man’. Measured by this standard, there seems little doubt about the reality of Pearce’s Christian faith and spirituality. There is also little question of the challenge it poses to Christians today.”

Michael Haykin


Daily Treasure

by Charles Spurgeon compiled by James Renihan

“It is a great pleasure to commend this daily devotional by James Renihan. Spurgeon always edifies and these daily readings will prove rich fare for Christians of all ages and stages.”

Ian Hamilton


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