Deity and Decree (US)

Samuel D. Renihan

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Deity & Decree provides clarity on God’s being and purposes as summarised in the Second London Baptist Confession of Faith. This is an exposition, expansion and explanation of two most glorious doctrines; God and his decree. This, matched with a meticulously considered interior design, makes this book a valuable read to any believer seeking clarity on these foundational doctrines of the faith.


“Get God wrong and doctrinal and pastoral chaos follow. Dr Renihan has given us a powerful introductory handbook on the foundational division in theology (the doctrine of God and God’s Decree) that reconnects the fundamentals of the Christian life to God himself.”

Rev Dr Jonathan Woodrow, Pastor of Christ Church Herbert Street, Loughborough


“Renihan draws lines from the doctrine of the Trinity to the eternal decree most helpfully. Creeds and Reformed Confessions provide guardrails against private interpretations at best, but worst still against unbiblical heresies. The fresh air of this theological writing is refreshing.”

Rev Dr Kevin J. Bidwell, Minister of Sheffield Presbyterian Church


“Sam’s style and approach is careful, crisp and solid. He uses the precise, exact language that is used in early Reformed Confessions of Faith… By establishing the character of God from Scripture, the author makes the decree of God accessible and intelligible, while being deep and mysterious.”

Dr Paul Helm, Formerly Professor of History and Philosophy of Religion at King’s College London

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