Confessional Baptist Bundle

1 x Confessing the Faith: Volume 2

1 x A Scriptural Exposition of the Baptist Catechism

1 x By Common Confession


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A Confessional Baptist Resource Bundle

Explore the manifold wisdom of God as taught by Confessional Baptist theologians both past and present. This bundle contains two modern publications of historical texts and a modern collection of essays based on biblical teaching as summarised in the Second London Baptist Confession of Faith.


Confessing the Faith: An Exposition of the Second London Baptist Confession of Faith

by James Renihan / Broken Wharfe

A Scriptural Exposition of the Baptist Catechism

by Benjamin Beddome

By Common Confession

by various authors


“In the early years of the twentieth century there was little desire for the system of doctrine taught in the Confessionor indeed for that experiential Calvinism expressed in Puritan theology. . . let us remember the words of C.H. Spurgeon . . . Be not ashamed of your faith; remember it is the ancient gospel of martyrs, confessors, reformers and saints. Above all, it is the truth of God, against which the gates of hell cannot prevail. Let your lives adorn your faith, let your example adorn your creed. Above all live in Christ Jesus, and walk in Him, giving credence to no teaching but that which is manifestly approved of Him, and owned by the Holy Spirit. Cleave fast to the Word of God which is here mapped out for you.”

Robert W. Oliver

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“I do want to make the point here that Christians are not divided between those who have creeds and confessions and those who do not; rather, they are divided between those who have public creeds and confessions that are written down and exist as public documents, subject to public scrutiny, evaluation, and critique, and those who have private creeds and confessions that are often improvised, unwritten, and thus not open to public scrutiny, not susceptible to evaluation and, crucially and ironically, not, therefore, subject to testing by Scripture to see whether they are true.”

Carl R. Trueman

From the The Creedal Imperative, page 15


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