By Common Confession

Ronald Baines, Richard Barcellos and James Butler

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By Common Confession

Essays in Honour of James M. Renihan

This volume of essays is offered in honour of Dr James M. Renihan. The efforts here reflect the contributors’ esteem for their brother and the impact he has had in a wide range of theological inquiry and praxis, particularly his contributions related to the importance and recovery of the historic reformed confessions.

By Common Confession is offered in honour of Dr. James M. Renihan. Because he is a historical theologian, most of the essays cover issues in that field of study. But because he is much more than a historical theologian, colleagues and friends of Dr. Renihan were asked to contribute essays covering the various branches of the theological encyclopaedia. The efforts here reflect the contributors’ esteem for their brother and the impact he has had in a wide range of theological inquiry and praxis.

The publisher is pleased to present these essays in honour of an esteemed friend and teacher. Many have been helped tremendously by Dr. Renihan’s friendship, scholarship, counsel, and faithfulness to Christ and his calling as pastor and theologian.

Contributors Include: Donald R. Linblad, Joel R. Beeke, James E. Dolezal, J. V. Fesko, W. Robert Godfrey, Michael T. Renihan, Micah & Sam Renihan, Samuel E. Renihan


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Presented to Dr. Renihan at the 2015 Southern California Reformed Baptist Pastors’ Conference – Click Here


By Common Confession



Preface ~ The Publisher

Introduction: A Biographical Sketch of James M. Renihan ~ The Editors

Historical Theology

Chaucer, the Medieval Nominalist Doctrine of Justification, and the Reformation ~ J. V. Fesko, Ph.D.

The Abrahamic Covenant in the Thought of John Tombes ~ Michael T. Renihan, Ph.D.

John Owen, Baptism, and the Baptists ~ Crawford Gribben, Ph.D.

“Popery in new Dress”: Richard Baxter v. Benjamin Keach on the Doctrine of Justification ~ Tom Hicks, Ph.D

Separating God’s Two Kingdoms: Two Kingdom Theology among New England Baptists in the Early Republic ~ Ronald S. Baines

Robert Hall Jr. (1764-1831) and the Decline of Historic Calvinism among the English Particular Baptists of the Early Nineteenth Century ~ Austin Walker

The Life and Vision of Abraham Kuyper ~ Joel R. Beeke, Ph.D.

Exegetical and Biblical Theology

Getting the Garden Right: From Hermeneutics to the Covenant of Works ~ Richard C. Barcellos, Ph.D.

A Little Cabinet Richly Stored  ~ Robert Purnell (d. 1666), edited by Samuel Renihan

Reformed Baptist Covenant Theology and Biblical Theology ~ Micah and Samuel Renihan

Symbolic and Systematic Theology

The Belgic Confession and the True Church  ~Robert Godfrey, Ph.D.

A Practical Scholasticism?: Edward Leigh’s Theological Method ~ James E. Dolezal, Ph.D.

“Eternally Begotten of the Father”: An Analysis of the Second London Confession of Faith’s Doctrine of the Eternal Generation of the Son ~ Stefan T. Lindblad

Pastoral Theology

The Temple Repair’d Hercules Collins (1646/7-1702), edited by Samuel Renihan

Escaping the Condemnation of the Devil: An Urgent Call for Spiritual Maturity in the Ministry ~ Jason Walter

The Regulative Principle of the Church ~ Samuel E. Waldron, Ph.D.

New Covenant Worship: Hebrews 2:12 and the Real Presence of Christ ~ Donald R. Lindblad


Gatlin Bredeson, James P. Butler, Robert E. Cosby, C. J. den Dulk, John Giarrizzo, Dafydd Hughes, Steve Marquedant, Steve Martin, Cameron G. Porter, Larry Vincent, and Wei En Yi


Education, Academic Career and Pastoral Ministry, and a Bibliography of the Publications of James M. Renihan ~ compiled by Micah Renihan



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